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Old 23 Feb 2011, 18:27
Ken Richer kricher is offline
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Default automatically reconnecting uStream

While doing a long-form web broadcast, if the connection to uStream drops, is there any way to automatically reconnect and start broadcasting again? My current solution is to close out of everything and then restart again. Does auto-reconnect work with vidblaster, uStream Producer, the uStream broadcast console or any other front-end software?
Ken Richer, Producer
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Old 02 Mar 2011, 05:33
Michael Mauldin Michael is offline
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When I used to use Flash Media Encoder, we had an iffy internet connection at the time and FME would automatically reconnect or die trying. Perhaps you could try streaming to a virtual device in Vidblaster and using FME to stream to uStream with VB as your source... if you have the horsepower to run both that way.

By the way, if I lose connection in Vidblaster, I've never had to close anything, I just hit "Start" again on the streaming module.

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